go to jail...

Crime Stoppers Bail or Jail is one of our oldest and most recognizable annual events. Celebrating over 30 years, this event has evolved from a simple Telethon Style event, to live video trials, to the social media hosted style event that it is today.


Every Dollar Crime Stoppers raises goes towards the reduction of crime, public awareness of the program, and education of crime preventions in our local community.  We raise 100% of our funds through events like this, as we receive no government support.

The Bail or Jail event raises funds through donations by arresting your friends, family, neighbours, employers, or pretty much anyone you know. They are convicted of an offence and thrown in jail where they need to raise money to “Bail them Out”, but some people would rather pledge to “Keep’em in Jail”! We try to keep this event as entertaining as possible for our ‘Arrestees’ and for you. So we ask you to join us at Devonshire Mall, May 9th.

This year are looking for new members of our community to join in on the fun.

Please visit for more details, sign someone up or make pledges.